Candelabra Size Flat Black Paper Candle Cover 3/4" inside dia., ~7/8" outside dia..

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Flat Black Color candelabra size plain paper board candle covers. Looks great with new, trendy finishes. Your choice of height. 3/4" inside diameter, ~7/8" outside diameter.


Caution: Electrical Hazard! 

Important! You must remember that before you attempt to fit, replace, or remove any of the parts on an electric lamp or fixture you must always disconnect or unplug the lamp or fixture from any source of electricity before you begin. Simply turning the lamp "off" will not protect you from an electrical shock. 

If you are not sure how to safely disconnect your lamp or fixture from its electrical source, you should contact a licensed electrician or your local power company for further instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: The inside diameter (ID) given on all candle covers is approximate.  They will fit the size socket interior specified in the description.

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