Our History

Why we started, how we began

ChandelierSupply.com is owned and operated by B&P Lamp Supply, Inc. Since the beginning, our focus has always been on quality and service. While B&P Lamp Supply remains a wholesale only manufacturer, this site allows us to offer the same great selection and quality to the consumer.

A Brief History of B&P Lamp Supply, Inc.

Our business was founded in the early 1950’s in my parents’ backyard workshop. In those days my father and mother, Lawson and Pauline Barnes (see photo), and I were antique dealers. We made frequent trips in our truck from our home in Tennessee to the far away states of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and “New England” to buy antiques for resale. Times were quite different then than they are now. There were no Interstates, and very few motels or restaurants along our route. We often stayed in the homes of our dealer friends who lived along the highways and byways of post WWII America. One question that seemed to come up frequently in conversation with dealer friends was “ do you know where we can buy parts to restore our antique lamps”? Eventually, we got the idea that there could be a business in lamp restoration.

In the early 1950’s, electricity was finally becoming available to some farming communities. Folks would bring in their old kerosene lamps and ask us to convert them to electric lamps. Soon people began to ask for other types of replacement parts for their old lamps such as shades and chimney glass. Before long we had developed a small line of products centered on the repair and restoration of early lamps and fixtures.

In early 1954 my parents bought 12 acres of land in the edge of McMinnville and set up B&P Lamp Supply Company’s business site (see photo). Later the same year we put together our first catalog of replacement parts for lamps . For the first ten years we reinvested our profits in the business. From our early humble beginning we have grown from 2,500 sq. ft. to 150,000 sq. ft. and have the most extensive, complete line of quality restoration parts for lamps in America.

Our replicas of antique lamps are unsurpassed in detail and quality. Many of our lamps and components are being used in both movies and T.V. productions. Like good “Tennessee” whiskey we seem to have gotten better with age. Through modern communications, and travel we have developed worldwide sources who are “master craftsmen” in a dozen different fields.

One of the most important assets has always been our people. Now in the fourth generation, our management team consists of Paul M. Barnes: President, Barry Barnes: Vice President, Michael Barnes: Vice President, Jim Pierce: Vice President-Inventory, costs controls & compliance and Henry Huang: Vice President-Purchasing and quality control. We have over 30 energetic and very capable employees to process your orders and serve your needs.

Sincerely yours,

Paul O. Barnes