Chandelier Bulbs

A few words about our light bulbs

The majority of our decorative, flood, and Halogen bulbs are “long life” and surge resistant. Noted in the descriptions for each bulb is the number of hours rating. This rating is the average life expected for the given bulb.

Clear decorative bulbs are best suited for lighting having shiny finishes. Clear bulbs work well with polished brass. polished chrome, glass and crystal lamps and fixtures.

Frosted decorative bulbs are best for lighting having satin finishes. Frosted bulbs work well with antique brass, brushed brass, bronze, wood, and porcelain lamps and fixtures.

White decorative bulbs look good when used with a lampshade. White bulbs also look nice when contrasted with black wrought iron lamps.

Spun Glow decorative bulbs have an effect much like a gas flame.

Flicker Flame decorative bulbs provide unique decorative effect that is much like a real candle flame.

Thomas Edison replica carbon filament bulbs are for the purist who wants to restore their early electric fixture to the original look. The carbon filament emits a soft pleasing glow.