Strass Color Swarovski Crystal Prisms

Widely known around the world as the best chandelier prisms, Strass Swarovski prisms have a long line of heritage and reputation behind them. They are the most widely used and easily recognizable crystal prisms since they started in 1895 and for good reason. Their crystal is expertly cut to precision and never ceases to amaze even the choosiest of chandelier lovers. Our collection of Strass color chandelier prisms feature the best in beautiful cuts and colors to meet the needs of your chandelier prism search. While most chandeliers tend to be elegant and understated, colorful chandeliers are not a new trend in lighting fixtures. Since the 19th century, chandelier makers have been creating colorful and elaborate designs for chandeliers that are truly one of a kind. We are pleased to offer Strass color chandelier prisms to add a pop of color to your chandelier.

We offer them in a variety of cuts of from popular pendalogues and crystal balls to almond cuts. We dare you to look away from these exceptionally crafted Strass color chandelier prisms with their vivid colors and pure radiance. These beauties will add life and style to your chandelier and make guests enchanted with the elegance of your carefully cared for and unique light fixture. These stunning Strass color chandelier prisms can add a sense fun and whimsy to your more traditional chandelier and make for wonderful conversation starters when guests visit. The colors we offer range from bold to subtle, depending on your style preferences. Find the right one for you today.

With over 60 years of taking care of your chandelier parts and needs, we are honored to continue building our legacy of providing exactly what you need and at affordable prices, all with our outstanding commitment to customer service. With our expansive knowledge about chandeliers, we would be happy to help you find the best solution for your individual chandelier so you can always have a beautiful focal point in your home. A well-maintained chandelier makes a room come alive with style and elegance. Let us help restore your most beautiful lighting fixture to the grand opulence it once had.