Rock Crystal Chandelier Prisms

Provide a completely new and beautiful look for your light fixture by using rock crystal chandelier prisms to embolden your decor. These items are perfect for providing the great shining light you love while also being an impressive decoration all on their own. They will provide a more natural, rustic look for your home while still showing off the beauty and elegance you desire from a chandelier. Choose from our great collection and find the perfect fit for your taste!

Each of our rock crystal chandelier prisms is formed from semi-precious stone found in nature. Rock crystal or quartz is found in the earth's crust and is a clear or colorless natural material with random opaque inclusions that make each of our prisms truly unique and one-of-a-kind. For use on fine crystal chandeliers, each of these items is skillfully cut and polished by hand, drilled for pinning and certified. The combination of purely natural crystal look with a masterfully crafted cut provides for a classic and impressive look that you are sure to love more and more every day.

We have many different shapes available to help you find the perfect match for your home. Find rock crystal chandelier prisms in traditional designs like teardrop and spear when you check out our almond, half pear, and plug rock crystals. For a more intricate look, choose jewel and diamond cuts that will make your chandelier sparkle like a piece of intricate jewelry. Beads and smooth balls are also available, giving you the option to go with something a little simpler to create an elegant background that is not overbearing.

With so many options, we know you will find the perfect option for your home in no time. Browse our collection of the highest quality rock crystal chandelier prisms and know that you are getting great decorations that you will enjoy for years to come!