Metal Chandelier Arms

There are many options to help give you an authentic antique look for your fixture. Check out our wide selection of metal chandelier arms; we have many different models that will help you get a beautiful look for your fixture. Not only do they provide great shine and a sleek style, but they will also give you the durability and support you need to know that your lights will always look great. Whether you are looking to restore or repair an old chandelier or want to create a brand new design, our quality hardware will ensure you get a light fixture that looks and performs like brand new every day.

All of the metal chandelier arms in this collection are forged from heavy casted brass that has been specifically designed for high-quality chandeliers. Not only will they provide a perfect and seamless fit, but they are also highly durable and resistant to the wear of time. They are easy to clean of dust and dirt, ensuring you can keep your chandelier perfectly shining and sparkling every day of the year.

Brass is a great choice when it comes to chandelier hardware because, while it is strong and durable, it is still soft enough to be malleable and easy to sculpt into beautiful patterns. We have many different ornate designs that will add an extra artistic touch to your chandelier. For this reason, brass is a highly popular choice for metal chandelier arms. The brass color also provides a great background for your lighting, creating an instantly antique look that will add a classy, beautiful style to your decor.

We have many different sizes that will help ensure you can find the perfect match for your fixture. Take time to examine your fixture and ensure you get the right size so that you will have hardware that matches your chandelier perfectly. We have options including 1/8 F x 1/8 F and 1/8 IP to help you get the right match for your sockets. Choose from various lengths as well and you can be sure that your chandelier will look perfect, regardless of its size and stature. Our large selection will help you find the right option to match the level of detail and extravagance you are looking for!