Crystal Bodies, Columns and Breaks

Crystal chandeliers are one of the most stunning lighting fixtures you can add to a home or business to create an inviting environment of refined tastes and elegance. A crystal chandelier may feature metal bodies and arms while displaying many lovely crystal prisms. For an even more impressive look, we are pleased to offer our wide selection of crystal chandelier bodies, crystal columns, and crystal breaks. These stunning crystal chandler parts are easy to install and make for a more unified design for your crystal chandelier that will leave admirers in awe of its magnificence and beauty.

Our selection of beautiful crystal chandelier bodies features a variety of designs to meet the needs of a variety of chandeliers. From clear to ribbed pattern, we have many to choose from to complete your next project. When seeking the best selection of crystal columns, we have everything from a crisscross design in a slender cut to melon ball cuts with diamond patterns. We also offer columns breaks in a variety of deigns and sizes. All of the pieces offered for crystal chandelier restoration or upgrade are crafted by hand by the most respected names in crystals, from Strass to Brilliant Cut. They have all been carefully cut with the most accurate of precision. These hand cut crystal chandelier pieces have been polished with care to give them the best in beauty from start to finish. The exceptional craftsmanship process of all the crystal parts we offer shines through in the final product. We only being you the best of crystal chandelier parts so you can rest assured your chandelier will outshine all expectations.

With over 60 years of dedication to bringing you only the finest in chandelier needs, Chandelier Supply is honored to be your source for all of your restoration or upgrade projects. We pride ourselves on helping you find exactly what you are looking for to make your chandelier an exceptional example of fine taste and elegance. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our fine selections or finding the perfect part to complete your chandelier project today.