Crystal Beads, Bells and Trimmings

A crystal chandelier can feature crystal prisms of a variety of designs from teardrop and spear to melon ball and diamond shapes. When a crystal chandelier displays several different cuts it can create not only a design pattern when placed correctly and with a thoughtful layout, but also can help add depth to the overall chandelier so it will look fuller and even more elegant for onlookers to admire. We are pleased to offer a carefully chosen selection of crystal chandelier trimmings to help add an impressive touch to your chandelier. When added in thoughtful way, these stunning chandelier trimmings can take your chandelier from pretty to magnificent.

We offer a wide selection of chandelier trimmings to help up the ante of your chandelier easily. From crystal bells and beads to star pendants, we have a variety of designs to choose from when looking for extra sparkle for your chandelier. We offer everything including crystal connectors, rings, and bulb covers. All of our exquisite chandelier prisms are hand cut and polished by the best names in the business so you always know you are getting the absolute best when using Chandelier Supply as your one stop source for all things chandeliers. Our inventory of crystal chandelier parts and accessories have all been crafted with care and cut with precision to ensure you get a beautiful product that will not only add to the life of your chandelier, but will have a long life as well.

For over 60 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the best in chandelier needs and we will continue searching for new ways to make your customer service experience with us the best in the business. We only offer the finest options in chandelier restoration and upgrade products from names that have been trusted for decades, sometimes even centuries. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our inventory of chandelier trimmings, or any of the quality products we offer, to help you in your journey of chandelier restoration. A crystal chandelier is a beautiful centerpiece for any room and something to admire for years. Let us help you find the perfect part for your centerpiece today.