Clear BrilliantCut Crystal Prisms

BrilliantCut Crystals are machine-made and precisely cut. They contain more than 30% lead oxide creating each piece with purity and brilliance. BrilliantCut crystals are an excellent quality with a wonderful look and finish at comparatively low prices.

There are many ways to add elegance and beauty to your chandelier. A style over a hundred years old and still highly popular to this day, Brilliant Cut crystal prisms are the perfect addition to any chandelier needing that extra pop of elegance. The signature design relies on using many different facets and precise cuts to create the ultimate light reflection for your chandelier, ensuring the highest level of shine and sparkle from every angle. This method for cutting glass and crystal has become widespread, used in everything from jewelry to glass dishware to ornate light fixtures, and you are sure to enjoy the appeal it adds to your chandelier.

We have a large selection of styles and designs when it comes to BrilliantCut crystal prisms. The traditional prism design is the perfect accent to any chandelier, providing a beautiful decor that will bring out the best artistic look of any fixture. We also have pendalogues, faceted balls, beads, almonds, and more. Options come with and without hanging beads to complement their shape. Beads are a very popular addition to hanging ornaments, so take time to consider whether you are looking for this addition for your chandelier and plan appropriately!

With over thirty percent lead oxide content in each crystal, you will receive a level of purity and brilliance that is unmatched elsewhere in the crystal industry. BrilliantCut crystal prisms have been designed to be as perfectly artistic as possible, creating the best possible look for your light fixtures. This luxury collection of crystals is used around the world to create the best-looking chandeliers, and we are confident you will love the look you get when you use BrilliantCut.

If you need more information about a particular option, click on the product image to get a detailed description. We will be happy to help you narrow down your choice if you still have questions or need assistance. We are dedicated to helping people create the beautiful light fixtures they desire, and will work hard to ensure you get the best match for your home!