Chandelier Sockets and Holders

While a fairly small item in comparison to the grand design of your chandelier, the socket or holder is an important piece that can wear out over time. Replacing them is important to maintain the proper effectiveness of your lighting, as well as ensuring your fixture looks its best every day. Finding the proper chandelier socket or holder to match your model is not always easy, as there are dozens of sizes, shapes, and designs. That is why we have stocked up on many different high-quality sockets so that you can find a great look and a perfect fit in no time.

There are many different parts to consider when looking for the right chandelier socket or holder for your fixture. Different materials provide different looks and strengths, from strong metal that can provide a great shine when finished and polished to simple plastic that can add a bit of a color to your chandelier. From the shell and cap to the threading, different sizes and designs are available, so take the time to ensure you are choosing the right fit for your chandelier. 

Once you know what design you need to match your fixture, the biggest choice comes in the form of the switch. Keyless chandelier sockets are the most traditional model, coming with no switch in the body whatsoever. This gives you the ability to fit them to a chandelier that already has a switch built in. However, if you are looking for a push through the switch, which operates with a rod, or a pull chain switch, those are always possible options as well. Make sure you get the right style to match your taste so that you can enjoy your chandelier to the fullest. You might be surprised what a difference a simple change in switch mechanics can make!

You will find only the highest quality chandelier sockets and holders within our wide collection. We provide the best products available so that you can get what you need to restore your chandelier to its best condition without hassle.