Chandelier Cords and Wires

A beautiful light fixture that has been designed with attention to every imaginable detail can do much more than provide light in a room. The right light fixtures can change a room form basic to beautiful or from simple to refined in a way few other home decor features can. An important part of any light fixture, whether chandelier or a different style, is that it is functional while still being safe. Any light fixture needs to be routinely inspected for any damage to the electrical cord. A frayed chandelier cord can lead to dangers such as electrical shock and possible fire hazards. Any electrical cord that has become frayed or exposed should promptly be replaced for safety reasons. We offer a wide selection of chandelier cords and wires to make sure your favorite lighting fixture doesn't become a hazard to your home or business. 

Our inventory of chandelier cords and wires features a variety of colors, from antique browns and golds to white and clear, so you will always be able to the chandelier cord perfect for the overall look and style of your individual chandelier. All of our quality chandelier cords and wires are cut to order so you can the perfect amount of cord needed to take your cord from a safety hazard to an unnoticeable part that supports the beauty of your chandelier. We also carry many options for ground wiring, from bare copper and plated copper to plastic cover wire, to make the replacement of a chandelier cord an even easier to project to complete. All of our products are crafted with quality in mind. We know you want the best chandelier parts at the best prices available.

At Chandelier Supply, we always strive to bring you the finest in quality, function, and appearance for your chandelier restoration or upgrade needs. With over six decades of supplying customers with customers with the best selection of chandelier parts and accessories, we pride ourselves on not only what we do, but how we do it. Our commitment to customers is unmatched and we would be happy to help you find the perfect part for your chandelier restoration or upgrade project today.